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by | Mar 16, 2021 | Blogging Tips

Hello everyone! It is very confusing to start a new blog, and most of the time is spend looking for ideas on what to blog about! However, most of your Ideas should be related to your specific niche!

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Today I am going to share 100 blog post ideas for new bloggers. Some of these can be used by all Niches but some are specific to each Niche! I hope you like them. You can save these to your bookmarks are refer back when needed 🙂

blog ideas for new bloggers


  1. Listicles
  2. How-to Guides
  3. Get to know me!
  4. Advice
  5. Personal Experiences
  6. Questions and Answers
  7. Product Reviews
  8. A day in my life
  9. Challenges
  10. Pranks
  11. 50 Facts about me
  12. Story times
  13. Tutorials
  14. Ultimate Guide
  15. Guest Posts
  16. Life hacks
  17. Favourite Netflix Shows
  18. Worst memory
  19. Best memory
  20. Wishes and goals


  1. Tried and tested beauty hacks!
  2. Get ready with me
  3. Makeup Tutorials
  4. Best budget buys
  5. Monthly favourites
  6. Products I can’t live without!
  7. Lip Swatches
  8. Makeup Haul
  9. What’s in my makeup bag
  10. Hairstyle Tutorials
  11. Products not worth the hype
  12. Comparison of two products of different brands
  13. Morning Skincare Routine
  14. Night Skincare Routine
  15. What’s in my makeup bag
  16. Best products for oily skin (skin type)


  1. Outfit of the day
  2. Get ready with me
  3. Style Challenge
  4. Clothing Haul
  5. Favourite online stores
  6. Cute outfit Ideas
  7. 1 Item, 3 ways
  8. What I wore in a week
  9. My favourite outfits
  10. My Shoe Collection
  11. Seasonal outfit ideas
  12. Recipes
  13. Must visit restaurants
  14. Vlog
  15. Giveaway
  16. What’s in my phone


  1. Day trips
  2. Road trips
  3. Favourite Restaurant
  4. A day at the beach
  5. Free things to do
  6. What not to do in a country
  7. Must visit places in a country
  8. Holiday Vlog
  9. Waterpark
  10. Museums
  11. Theme Parks
  12. Hotel Reviews
  13. Cheap places to stay
  14. Must visit places
  15. Planning trips on a budget
  16. Best time to visit a country
  17. Bookstores
  18. Ski Resorts
  19. Most memorable destination
  20. Favourite eating spots in a city
  21. Food to must try in a city


  1. Recipes
  2. Best food for health
  3. Worst food for health
  4. How to keep your skin beautiful
  5. Anti ageing Tips
  6. What is your motivation to be healthy 
  7. How to have a better attitude toward fitness
  8. How to Develop Healthier Habits
  9. How to keep your lips Healthy
  10. Favourite indoor activities
  11. Favourite outdoor activities
  12. Weight loss journey
  13. Keeping fit while on the Go
  14. Dieting vs. Lifestyle Changes
  15. Upper Body Workouts
  16. Lower Body Workouts
  17. Home Remedies for Colds
  18. Your Fitness Routine
  19. Tips for Self-Care
  20. Skin care product reviews


  1. Things no one knows about me
  2. Embarrassing childhood memory
  3. Why I started a blog
  4. Message to younger self
  5. Idea of a perfect day
  6. I what makes my happy
  7. Best lesson in life

Let me know in the comment section if you liked any of these blog post ideas? Which one did you like the best?

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