How to get first order on Fiverr (Top 8 Tips)

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It is very frustrating and annoying when you’re trying to get your first order on fiverr but nothing is working in your favor. You probably think of giving up on the website and losing hope on getting your first order on fiverr. These were my exact thoughts in my first month of freelancing on fiverr. However now I am a level two seller, and today I am going to give you some tips which will help you reach here as well!

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However, after a month of waiting I finally received my first order on Fiverr. But that was when my gig and profile SEO was really bad. However, I still got the order. After that I put a lot of effort in my fiverr content and fiverr gig SEO and started getting consistent orders. On the right side is the screenshot of my most recent fiverr income and fiverr earning report. I’m going to share with you today 8 fiverr tips and tricks that will help you get your first order on fiverr and make an income like I do.


1. Set up your Fiverr profile:

Your fiverr profile tells the buyers about your level of professionalism. It is the first impression that a potential client will get of you. A complete profile with all the valid details shows the buyers that you are indeed a professional freelancer and help you in getting your first fiverr order. Here are the few fields that you must fill while you are setting up your fiverr profile : 

  • Name: Make sure that this is your real name.
  • Profile Photo: make sure you put a professional photo. A face photo looks more professional than a full photo.
  • Profile Description: Use this to introduce yourself here and make sure to add a few keywords about your skills and expertise in the profile description. Also write a bit about your previous experience.
  • Languages: Add all the languages that you can speak in. For selling on fiverr, it’s beneficial to have a great grip on English language as well as have great communication skills. This will help you communicate better with the buyers.
  • Skills: Write about you skills. This sections plays an important role in ranking your fiverr gig as well. So make sure you enter all the skills that you know.
  • Education: Write about your education here.Be detailed about your experience and also put your certificates in the certificates section to showcase your skills.

2. Create highly searched gigs with low competition:

Okay so this was the most crucial and important tip I can give you when It comes to getting your first order on fiverr. If you create a gig in a category/niche that already has thousands of gig with high ratings, there is a very little chance of you getting an order, it doesn’t matter if that is a service that is highly searched. If already a thousand people are providing that service, your chance of getting an order in that is very low (for example Photoshop editing, excel data entry).

So my tips is to go with a service that is highly searched but has a few gigs/competition. Creating a gig in that niche will increase your chances of getting more impressions and hence more orders.

3. Write SEO optimized fiverr gigs description:

Gig description also plays an important part in ranking your fiverr gig. It shows the buyers about your professionalism and gives details about your services. If you want to rank your fiverr gig on top of Fiverr search for your targeted services or keywords, then always try to write unique, high quality and attractive gig description. Make sure you enter the keywords at least 3 – 4 times in the gig description.

Do your keyword research by looking at your fellow competitors who are ranking on the first pages, look at the relevant keywords they are using in their description and how they are presenting their service. Take inspiration from their fiverr gig description and write yours in a similar but unique way.

Use of best keywords in tag and description can increase the chances of getting top rank on Fiverr search for your targeted niche. Keywords are the most important words for any gig. So before you make your fiverr gig live, make sure that you have added fiverr keywords that buyer search the most.

For example, if you are selling a service of making a YouTube banner. Search on fiverr the term “ YouTube banner “. Write down the keywords that you see on the gig titles. After that open the 5 top most gigs and scroll down on them. At the end of the page you will see what tags those sellers have used in their gig. Add those keywords and tags to your gig as well.

4. Create attractive gig images:

On fiverr , a gig is best known from it’s image. Make sure you put an attractive gig picture so the buyer clicks it as soon as he sees it.The more attractive your gig image is, the more clicks you will get, which means more conversions and fiverr sales and more chances of getting your first order on fiverr.
However, when using a fiverr gig image. Make sure to create your own and not copy someone else’s as it can result in your fiverr account getting banned.

5. Keep the price low:

If you are working to get your first order on fiverr, make sure you start with a low price as compared to your competitors. Buyers are more attracted to those gigs which provide high quality work in low prices. So while you’re optimizing and creating great gig images, make sure you don’t increase your prices sky high and keep them low as compared to other sellers in the same niche with already plenty of reviews and ratings. This will also help you in getting your first order on fiverr.

6. Promote your gigs on social media:

Fiverr always gives more priority to gigs that have more outside visitors. For example from social media and blogs. I remember when I first created my fiverr gig, I shared it in a few groups on Facebook in which people needed my services. For example , my gig was about making YouTube banners so I shared it on you tubers groups on Facebook and I got my first few orders from those groups. These orders also helped me rank my fiverr gig on the first page.

Just share your gigs regularly on different social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn , Instagram and most importantly Pinterest. It will generate more traffic for your Fiverr gigs and your ranking will increase day by day. you can also get your first fiverr order from social media as well just like i did.

7. Send buyer requests everyday:

Many people on fiverr get their first order buy constantly sending buyer requests. All you need to have is an SEO optimized fiverr gig that will attract the buyer. Secondly, you need to write a good and attractive proposal that makes the fiverr buyer click on your gig.

Here are some tips on writing a good proposal to get your first fiverr order:

  • Use a catchy word in your first sentence.
  • Talk about your skills and how you can help solve their problem.
  • Talk about your previous reviews and work with previous client.
  • Use call to action: ask the buyer to check out your gig to see more of your work.

8. Stay active on fiverr:

Try to stay online as much as you can. So that you can answer your messages earlier and not make your buyer wait. Also It will show you in online sellers when a buyer is searching.

To stay online always, make sure to Install the Fiverr app on your Mobile and always stay online from there.

Bonus Tip #1: Create Different Gig Packages.

One of the best ways to get more orders on fiverr is to provide more value to your customer. This can be done by creating all three gig packages offering different values. Customers are more likely to buy your gig if they see different packages rather than only one item. Also make sure you deliver a few extras to your customers if you can. This will help them have a better connection with you and can turn them into potential returning buyers.

Bonus Tip #2: Create related fiverr gigs:

Creating related gigs on fiverr can help you get more exposure and increase your chances of getting an order on any of these gigs. If you are a graphic designer, you can offer different gigs like “Create modern logo”, “Create an add template”, “Redesign your logo “This will let you gain more exposure because the three gigs target different keywords and you are will more likely get your first fiverr order from any one of them.

let me know if this article helped you!? share your thoughts with me in the comments! 🙂

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