5 ways to Monetize your Blog without an Ad network

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Monetizing your blog is essential if you want to start earning money from it, but many bloggers don’t know how to monetize their blogs without using an ad network like Google AdSense. Luckily, there are many different ways to make money from your blog that don’t require an ad network.

This article will discuss the top five ways to monetize your blog without relying on ads.

When to Start Monetizing your blog?

There are several ways to monetize your blog; however, it is best to wait until you have a consistent readership and traffic. If you start a business before it stabilizes, you are putting yourself at great risk.

You want to make sure that you can maintain a certain amount of traffic on your site every month or quarter. Once you reach that point, there are many different options that you can use to monetize your blog.

5 Ways To Monetize A Blog Without An Ad Network

There are many ways to monetize a website, and it doesn’t have to be with display advertising. Today, we will look at how you can monetize your website without using ads on your site, focusing on Amazon affiliate marketing, selling eBooks, selling courses, selling physical products, and selling Sponsored posts.

We will go over what is most effective. These strategies are simple, straightforward, and extremely easy to implement. Let’s jump right in!

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Amazon Affiliate Marketing

The first and easiest way to monetize your blog is through Amazon affiliate marketing. This strategy allows you to place links on your website that direct users to Amazon products. If a user clicks on one of these links and then makes a purchase, you will receive a small commission from Amazon.

How to start doing Affiliate Marketing on your blog?

#1 Choose a niche you’re interested in.

Amazon offers several different affiliate programs, but to make money from affiliate marketing, your audience needs to be familiar with your niche to make money from affiliate marketing. So choose a place that’s interesting to you and use it as a basis for future content ideas.

#2 Sign up for the Amazon Affiliate program.

To make money from affiliate marketing, you need to join Amazon’s affiliate program. It’s free and easy to do. Once you sign up, you’ll get a unique referral link that will appear on your site. When someone clicks on it and makes a purchase, you will earn a commission.

#3 Set up tracking code.

After signing up for Amazon’s affiliate program, you’ll be given a tracking code that you can use in your links. This code allows Amazon to track any sales made through your links and gives you credit for them.

Create and Sell Online Courses

If you have a valuable skill or hobby that other people want to learn, there’s money to be made with online courses. People are willing to pay good money to learn new things.

You can sell your course on your blog or website and start earning money from it. You should have a large number of audience readers on your website so that they can trust you and buy courses on your blog. If you don’t have enough traffic to your website, there is no point in selling online classes.

Look at some of the similar blog posts to help you!

Offer sponsered posts

One of my favourite ways to monetize a blog is through sponsored posts. It’s a win-win situation: you get paid to write about something you’re passionate about, and your readers are still getting great content.

To do sponsored posts, though, you need to have a big enough audience that brands will be interested in paying for your content. If you’re starting and don’t have much of an audience yet, try guest posting on other blogs first.

If you already have a large following and want to try out sponsored posts, here are some tips:

Find brands relevant to your niche: If you write about fashion, find brands related to fashion; if you write about technology, find companies related to technology.

Look at their websites and social media accounts to see what they’re posting about and what kind of voice they use. Then, when you approach them with a sponsored post-offer, it will be clear that you’re a good fit for each other.

If there aren’t any brands in your niche yet (for example, if you just started a new website), look outside your industry. You can always create content around these topics later on!

Sell your products

Selling your products on your blog is easy. It’s hard to believe that you can make money by selling something as simple as a t- shirt or a digital planner, but it’s true. If you have an audience, you can sell anything from hats to mugs to notebooks—the possibilities are endless! Also, it is one of the main methods that I use!

Just be sure to follow local regulations and laws so that no one gets in trouble. For example, if you want to sell shirts with your company or brand logo, be sure to get a trademark before doing so. Also, make sure not to infringe on any copyright laws!

Write eBooks and sell them on your site.

You can also try writing an ebook and start making money by selling it on your blog. If you are good at writing, you can create a full-length book or e-course worth a lot of money to people who need help in that area.

For example, if you have experience with affiliate marketing,

you could write a full-length book about making money with affiliate marketing (and include some tips about blogging). The key is not just to create an ebook. You need to create one that will sell like crazy. If it’s helpful and valuable, people will buy it.

The great thing is that once you’ve written your ebook, it can sit on your site forever and continue selling without any additional work on your part. Just remember that when creating an ebook, you’ll want to provide more value than just the product itself.

Let me know what you think about the post in the comment section! any other topics you would like me to write on?

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